Starlight Star Bright

Starlight Star Bright

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Our Starlight Star Bright Felt Ball Garland will add the prefect touch of decor for Christmas! This adorable garland is the right eco-friendly touch that will brighten up any room in your home.The best part is you can re-use it time and time again.

3 size options:
1. 31 felt balls/shapes (includes 3 stars) on 8 feet of string
2. 51 felt balls/shapes (includes 5 stars) on 12 feet of string
3. 71 felt balls/shapes (includes 7 stars) on 18 feet of string

They are so cute in person! Each ball measures 2cm. Stars are slightly larger.

PLEASE NOTE: The garland in the photo is pushed together on the string - for yours to look like this you can just push the balls together or separate along the 12 foot string.

The felted balls are strung on a delicate yet very strong white cotton string and can be placed about 3 inches apart or pushed together on the string. There are no knots holding the felt ball in place so with a simple tug you can arrange the felt balls as you wish on the garland. They will not move on the garland unless you physically move them.

Materials: Wool Felt Balls, White Cotton String, Wool Stars.