About Us

Hi!  I'm Kara.  I started The Rainbow Barn as a fun little project several years ago after ...  I decided that I could do that myself, and I started an Etsy store. ...

About Our Felt Balls

At The Rainbow Barn, we believe in only having the best.  That's why we've searched the world far and wide to create the most extensive selection of felt ball colors on the internet, and the best quality we've found in the entire world!

Each felt ball averages 1 inch (about 2.5 cm) and is made from 100% beautiful felt wool from Nepal. 


  • Size: 1 inch / 2.5 cm (or the size of a quarter)
  • Handmade from 100% wool
  • Available in 25, 50, 75, or 100 loose felt balls (contact me to order a specific quantity not listed)

About Our Garlands

Every garland is made with love and care on our beautiful Kentucky farmstead.  

The felted balls are strung on a delicate yet very strong white cotton crochet thread (size 3) and placed about 3 inches apart. There are no knots holding the felt ball in place so you can easily arrange the felt balls as you wish on the garland. But don't worry, there is plenty of friction between the ball and the string so they won't move on the garland unless you physically move them.

All garlands come with extra thread on each side, and we pre-knot the ends to make it easier to hang.  Of course if you don't want the knot, or if you don't want the extra length, you can just cut the knots right off.  You'll still have a bi mre thread than you paid for, so you have maximum flexibility.

What Length Should I Buy?

The thread is sized to have 4 felt balls per foot on our typical garland.  So your ordering options are:

  • 4 feet = 16 felt balls on garland
  • 5 feet = 20 felt balls on garland
  • 6 feet = 24 felt balls on garland
  • 9 feet = 36 felt balls on garland
  • 10 feet = 40 felt balls on garland
  • 12 feet = 48 felt balls on garland
  • 15 feet = 60 felt balls on garland
  • 20 feet = 80 felt balls on garland

If you're unsure about the length you need, we always suggest taking some yarn or ribbon and draping it where you plan to hang your garland and then measure that. This will give you a great idea of the length you'll want to order.

*New* Touching Garlands

We also sell touching garlands.  These are designed to have each ball snuggled up to the next, which means about ~13 fell balls per foot.  We measure in length, so the final number of felt balls depends on the exact size of the handmade felt balls.  they're a little more expensive, but they are beautiful!

*New* Wood Beaded Garlands

It wasn't enough to have the world's best felt ball garlands, so we also started selling garlands with metallic painted gold and silver beads. Here are the length details:

  • 4 feet = 16 felt balls on garland plus 5 wooden beads
  • 6 feet = 24 felt balls on garland plus 7 wooden beads
  • 9 feet = 36 felt balls on garland plus 11 wooden beads
  • 12 feet = 48 felt balls on garland plus 15 wooden beads
  • 20 feet = 80 felt balls on garland plus 26 wooden beads


Felt balls can be a choking hazard, so please keep them out of the reach of children.